Bao He Wan – 保和丸


Bao He Wan – 保和丸
100g bottles 5:1 concentration granules

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Preserve Harmony Formula

TCM Function: Reduces food stagnation and harmonizes the Stomach*.

Ingredients (daily amount of raw herb in gram)

Hawthorn Fruit (Shan zha) 12.00g

Massa Fermentata (Shen qu) 4.00g

Pinellia Tuber (Ban xia) 4.00g

Hoelen (Fu ling) 4.00g

Tangerine Peel (Chen pi) 2.00g

Forsythia fruit (Lian qiao) 2.00g

Semen Raphani Sativi (Lai Fu Zi) 2.00g

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