HK009 JEUNE-Youth Factor

60 Capsules (380mg ea. )/bottle.
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JEUNE (Youth Factor) is a scientifically advanced and 100% natural anti-aging products that will make you prettier and healthier, and look younger. It can nourish Qi and blood, regulate the metabolism, balance the function of the body, and enable body energetic. It will smooth and firm an even skin tone for younger, healthier skin. It will also progressively revitalize skin with a youthful glow.
Radix Salvia Miltiorrhiae, Radix Astragali, Fruit Fructus Lycii, Root Radix Physochlainae
Flos Carthami�Radix Angelica Sinensis-Radix Codonopsis�Grape seed.

Chloasma, Freckle, Gravid Speckle, Butterfly Speckle, Aging Spot, Acne, Splash.
Abnormal Menstruation, Dysmenorrheal, Tension syndrome of prophase of menstruation,
Menopausal Syndrome.
Galactophore Hyperplasia, Mastitis.
Shortness of Energy, Lassitude, Languor.
Insomnia, Forgetful (Have a bad memory), Memory Decline.
Various Aging Symptoms