San Qi(Notoginseng) Powder 500G


Supplement Fact:

100% micro-powder of raw Notoginseng

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Supplement Fact:

100% micro-powder of raw Notoginseng


Activating blood circulation, arresting hemorrhage, eliminating swellings, enlivening arteries and veins, relieving angina pectoris, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and fat in various hyperglycemias, lowering the viscosity of the whole blood, dilating the coronary artery, increasing blood flow in the coronary artery, decreasing consumption of oxygen in the myocardium, improving ischemia in the myocardium, adjusting blood pressure, preventing coronary heart disease, protecting the heart, replenishing the vital energy, tonic and restorative properties.

Indication and dosage:

1 tea spoon 2 times a day


Do not to be used in pregnancy and lactation