Xiao Feng San – 消风散


Xiao Feng San – 消风散
100g bottles 5:1 concentration granules

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Eliminate Wind Formula; Shōfū-san

TCM Function: Disperses wind, clears heat, and dissipates clumps*.

Ingredients (daily amount of raw herb)

Angelica sinensis (Dang gui) 2.46g

Rehmannia Root (Shu di huang) 2.46g

Gypsum (Shi Gao) 2.46g

Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome (Cang zhu) 2.46g

Ledebouriella Root (Fang feng) 2.46g

Fructus Arctii (Niu bang zi) 2.46g

Caulis Akebiae (Mu tong) 1.48g

Cicada Moulting (ChantTui) 2.46g

Sophora Root (Ku shen) 2.46g

Schizonepeta Herb (Jing jie) 2.46g

Anemarrhena Rhizome (Zhi mu) 2.46g

Dioscorea Rhizome (Shan yao) 1.48g

Black Sesame Seeds (Hei zhi ma) 2.46g

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